Desk Desk Desk.

If you’ve been reading Manhattan Nest, then surely you would have seen Daniel’s wonderful new countertops he made himself from wooden planks. If not, have a look here.  Image

Anyway, seeing this and how damm good it looks, I decided to incorporate some light wood into my own life. In a colossal strike of luck, I was in dire (well not sure dire is the word. My desks old surface was rubber and it was just the worst) need of a new desktop and this seemed to fit the bill. It’s not really a huge project, get a large piece of thick plywood and cut it to size, sand it kinda, and then apply teak oil to it. My father poured the oil on and swooshed it about, which kinda works.

So I present:


New desktop!


The wood has these beautiful knots running up the middle, and its a beautiful colour.  I was hoping that the Scandinavian teak oil would just preserve the plywood colour, but this is ok too. The thing is just sitting on top of the old rubber surface, and it has bowed already (we did this last week) but I don’t care. I have a new desktop that I can use. I don’t care!

(aah my first proper blog post!! And seriously, check out Manhattan Nest, Daniel is a wizard of house things!)


I thought I’d share some ‘before’ photos of my room. This is how the room looks as of today, but hopefully some notable changes are on the way. Most of the furniture here is Ikea or second hand, and majority of it is metal. Unfortunately I am unable to change the larger pieces. The color is like a grey-purple thing and it’s gross, it makes the room seem so bleak. That is a feature wall, of deep purple. Yeah I know feature walls are so out right now and I’m not too fond of it either but there is nothing I can really do. I might try that thing where you starch fabric onto a wall, like wallpaper.

The warm and inviting space where I spend all my time!

So this here is my desk. I love the desk itself, and I wanted a tanker desk for so long so there are really no issues there, the only thorn in my side is the rubber surface of the top. It marks easily and is slippery and ew. It’s just mostly un-organised and dull here. And there is so much grey. Oh here you see the tiny samovar, one of my most favorite belongings. I just love this little thing.

This is the delightful view from where my window is.

This is the view from the corner where my window is. It’s such a mess and just plain nasty. I really hope to put some art type stuff up here, and generally reduce all the crap. Again, more grey. That box is full of pictures and frames for the walls.


So here is where the door and wardrobe is. Trust me, it does look better in person, I just took bad photos. I’m hoping to cover the space between the door and wardrobe with pegboard and hang up some prints and a mirror and hats and so on. Those little drawers are two separate pieces and are from the old Melbourne eye and ear hospital. I’m considering putting them next to the bed, or they might go into another room. That ceiling light is one of the earliest decorating decisions I’ve ever made, (we renovated when I was younger and chose it, yes it’s tacky and I regret it) but I can’t be bothered changing it. We’ll see how it goes.

What is seen upon entry.

Here is what is seen when one walks in. See, there is that silly feature wall. Now the drapes match the rest of the house, so they can’t be changed. I’d love grey pinch-pleats in a nubbly upholstery fabric with walnut Venetian blinds with cloth cords on them, and a white roller-blind thingy, the Ikea ones every man and his dog has. That’s a magazine rack next to the bed, and I’m thinking of replacing it with a dodgy knockoff Dorothy Draper chest, made from the Ikea Rast. The bed is Ikea, as are all the cushions. The shelf behind the bed was a roadside find and I got it over some random old lady in a orange hatch who wanted to use it for a cat staircase (????). I also got this awesome danish-esque chair that day, but that’s currently elsewhere and covered in dog blankets.

So that’s the room I have to work with, and all my furniture. Overall I’m hoping to tidy it up, make it less grey, put things on the walls, and just liven it up. I’m just about to leave for Ikea right now, so perhaps there will be some changes sooner than later.




Hi, I’m Jack,

I thought I’d try out blogging, partially to motivate me, and partially to ease the crushing boredom of my bleak life. Ah I’m not too sure what this blog will be focused on, but to some degree my room and it’s decoration will feature.